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a pair of gloved hands shown trimming a pink rose bush
Checklist: 7 Summer Maintenance Musts

Taking care of your home this season isn’t just about getting in on all those trending summer looks and beautifying the backyard. It’s also about getting all those dreaded seasonal maintenance tasks done and out of the way before cold weather arrives.

sketch of a home on a chalk board with lots of math problems
6 Reasons Why This Is Actually the Best Time in Years To Sell a House

Between the continued threat of the novel coronavirus, a wobbly economy, and layoffs happening left and right, it's no surprise that many who may have hoped to sell their home this season are wondering whether to put those plans on hold.

money in a jar with a little white house near it
Taking Advantage of Homebuying Affordability

Everyone is ready to buy a home at different times in their lives, and despite the health crisis, today is no exception.

person sitting alone in a stadium
Best Time to Sell? When Competition Is at an All-Time Low

Sellers are concerned their home won’t sell because of the pandemic and resulting economic recession which is a reasonable concern, however, surveys are showing that home purchasers are still very active.

brown dog laying on gray couch
Will Fido Be Happy In Your New Home

Almost 95% of pet owners said they considered the needs of their furry friends to be important when selecting the right home to buy, according to a recent® survey.

a small house held in a hand
How the Coronavirus Is Changing Some Boomers' Real Estate Plans

For baby boomers, the question of when—and where—they'll retire is a perennial topic of discussion. But with the novel coronavirus sweeping the globe, it has become an especially pressing question these days.

a small house held in a hand
Sellers Should Channel Patience

They say patience is a virtue. Home sellers attempting to unload their properties during this COVID-19 crisis may need to take those words to heart.

woman looking stressed sitting at desk
6 Ergonomic Mistakes To Avoid

By now, you may have spent months working in a makeshift home office after the COVID-19 pandemic required many employees to take their work home and shelter in place. And even as states begin to reopen, many of us plan to work from home for the foreseeable future.

double kitchen sink
Garbage Disposal Tips

Follow these tips if you want to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly and avoid unnecessary repairs and expenses.

yellow daffodils
Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day! May your day be sunny and bright and filled with love.

house icons shown with magnifying glass on the center one
It Starts Before the Statement is Sent

The deadline for challenging your property tax assessment this year may be later than normal due to the stay at home orders but when you are notified, you'll want to be ready to decide whether you can save some money on property taxes this year.

man and woman reviewing paperwork in kitchen
One More Reason to Refinance

Taking cash out of the equity of your home could be a legitimate way to fund a temporary cash crisis now or to have it on-hand if the need arises. Most homeowners can pull out the difference in 80% of the fair market value of their home and what they currently owe.

entrance hallway with denim jacket on coat rack, a small table with hats and a plant and a decorated white wall
First Impression, Lasting Impact: Entryway Essentials

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and neither does your house. To avoid a negative first impression that sends potential buyers running out the door, consider these tips for staging a stellar entryway that hints at what’s to come during the showing.

Check this off your list - several check marks with the words
Don't Let Disaster Set You Back

Since you're at home anyway and may even have kids at home who need something to do, now is a great time to get a current home inventory done in case the misfortune of a disaster should strike. We all fear a fire, flood or burglary and this will help be ready for an insurance claim.