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Man and woman looking at paperwork near computer
What Buyers Can Do While Staying at Home

While you're isolating at home, there are things you can do to help buy a home now or in the near future. Instead of spending time surfing the Internet looking at homes, do the groundwork necessary to be able to purchase the home that you find.

Real Estate Agent walking ahead of couple showing a new construction home
Showing Procedures During COVID-19

During these unsettling times, sellers and buyers are concerned about staying healthy and virus-free as we all are. To keep all parties safe, new procedures should be considered regarding the procedure for showing houses.

wooden desk with laptop, glasses, pen, notebook and phone plus more items on it
Working From Home

Working from home can be challenging if you're new to it or if there are a lot of distractions in your home, especially, when there are other people there too. These tips should help.

Fish and Chips
Where can I get take-out or delivery from?

In Collaboration, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Discover Gloucester has compiled a list of businesses who are providing take-out and delivery services. You can view it here!

Couple reviewing paperwork in sunlit room
Personal Finance Review

Most of us get so used to our "regular expenses" that we don't realize we could be saving a lot of money with a few changes. Check out these tips on YOU may be able to save.

Lots of people shopping at a yard sale
Get Ready to Garage Sale

Hosting a yard sale is a great way to clear out unused items from your home, especially if you are planning to move. We've got some great tips on how to make the most of it.

Two hands holding and signing papers
Removing a Person from a Mortgage

When two people decide, whether they're married or not, to buy a home, they're probably considering what a great idea it is...until it isn't.

Woman sitting on white couch looking at property on her laptop.
Instant Buyers Save Time But Cost Money

CAUTION: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." There are a multitude of companies across the Internet, referred to as iBuyers. Read this cautionary article before being lured in.

Man and woman in kitchen.  Man is holding clipboard and pointing towards his vision of change.
Financing Home Improvements

Deciding to make improvements on your home is a big decision. As it turns out, funding the updates is too! We're here to help. Review this info and contact us for guidance.

Beautiful kitchen with stainless appliances
What goes with the house?

For both buyers and sellers, there can sometimes be confusion on exactly what goes with the house and what goes with the seller when they move.

Graphic of home showing high expectations from sellers

Even when real estate agents sell their homes, they have the same expectations as most sellers. What are they and are they realistic?

Happy couple using a computer
Your Rate Depends on your Score

Do you know your FICO score? More importantly, did you know that it has a major impact on what interest rate you will pay?

brass key with dollar sign entering lock, words Mortgage Lock-in
What Is Mortgage Lock-in?

For some buyers, interest rates can make the difference of whether they can buy a home or not. Can you lock in a rate? Is it always wise to do so?

woman sitting along among several white chairs
What's Keeping Buyers Out Of The Market?

In short, saving enough for a deposit. See what buyers have done in 2019 to manage this challenge.

graphic of house and the word COST cut in half
Downsizing in 2020

Approximately 52 million or 16% of Americans are age 65 and over. It is easy to understand that some of them are thinking of downsizing their home because they don't need the same space they did in the past.

black door shown with fire extinguisher on wall
In Case Of Emergency

Imagine having an emergency in your home and needing to find something that will solve the problem. You need to be able to put your hands on it quickly.

black door shown with fire extinguisher on wall
Another Source for a Down Payment

Borrowing from a 401k, 403b or the cash value of life insurance policy is a common financial strategy.